Concerning Nihilism: Overcoming the Black Pill

Concerning Nihilism: Overcoming the Black Pill

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[Editors Note: This article was originally published at The Warden Post on December 28, 2017.]

One of the things that I’ve noticed from people within my own generation is a pervading sense of hopelessness reflected in everything from their sense of humor to their world-outlook, certainly the amount of suicide jokes which show up in my newsfeed bares witness to this. I’m certain I am not the only one who has noticed this trend and I’m even more certain that a few eyes reading this belong to people who in fact do feel an ever lingering sense of hopeless and despair; it is for these people that this article has been written.

The following is not meant to taken as a pat on the back or kind words of reassurance; I want to be perfectly and utterly clear of one thing: it is not going to get better.

There is a phrase that has been floating around in spheres of thought which appeal to our ideas which is described as taking the Black pill. I’m certain that those reading already know what it means to be ‘Red or Blue pilled’ but may not be familiar with what it means to be ‘black pilled.’

The Black pill is pure nihilism, it is the complete and total despair of the mind to the realization about our universe’s uncaring indifference to human ideals, dreams, hopes and desires. AltRightist and writer Colin Liddell writes of the Black Pill,

[…] It leads from actual inferiority back to actual inferiority. It is nihilism, but nihilism made flesh calls forth absolute egoism, a sense of the self detached from wider contexts and responsibilities—it is this that makes it evil and murderous.
The inferior person can either accept context and therefore inferiority, or fight it. The Blue Piller rejects his future inferiority by retreating backwards into illusion. The Red Piller rejects his present lack of superiority by marching forward through positive consciousness and action to redress the situation. The Black Piller, however, chooses neither the palliatives of illusion nor the challenge of positive action. He stares into the abyss—passively because his actions will never be capable of changing it—and, as Nietzsche so pertinently observed, the abyss stares back.

There are people in this world and even within our circles who have given up completely; some of them might be reading these words right now. To them the position has been lost and Western civilization is an unsalvageable mess whose future is the slow, mournful procession to the dustbin of history. To these people I say that if that is truly your state of mind you can stop reading right here. I have nothing more to say to you and it would be fruitless of me to try to change your mind anyway. However, for those of you are indeed going through your own personal Dark Night of the Soul, if even amidst the proverbial black dog snapping at your heels or that nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that time is running out, that this is your life now and it’s never going to get better; still feel the lingering glow of embers of pride in the pit of your spirit, continue reading on.

For the duration of this article, I could talk about how our collective leaders do not simply ignore, but actively encourage our demographic replacement in our own homelands. Likewise, I could talk about the travesty that is how big tech giants are currently using every means possible to shut down, censor, shadow ban or algorithmically de-platform all dissenting opinion which currently strays from the globalist narrative. Or, if I was really feeling up to it, I could bring up that our own justice system is perfectly happy to pardon murderous criminals and illegal aliens who defile, torture and outright slaughter our own people in our own communities while imposing the most unfair and egregious sentences for our people who kill in the name of self-defense or are black listed from their jobs for voicing dissenting views or rally to defend their heritage and defend the memory of their folk heroes and honored dead.

I could go on and on, and it wouldn’t make a damned bit of difference. I know about these injustices. You, the reader, know about these injustices, so it would not behoove either of us to prattle on about them, other than the fact that the current catastrophes we are facing (as well as the prospect of future catastrophes) have caused untold misery, anxiety and despair to the both of us as well as many countless others who have suffered and are currently suffering far worse.

At the beginning of this article I made it very clear that this piece was not going to be a comforting pat on the back or warm gesture of support, a kindly “I know how you feel.” I know very much how you feel, but that is not the point. The point of it all is how we move forward from where we are now. How do we lift ourselves up from the pit of despair to carry on for one more day? This is going to require us to accept several things, all of which are going to very hard Black pills to swallow and, alas, we do not have a spoon full of sugar to make them go down any easier.

First, we need to be clear that things are not going to get better; at least not in our lifetimes and perhaps not even in the lifetimes of those who come after us. We need to accept that the West finds itself in the same lamentable position as do all aged and decaying civilizations after their Summer’s of youth. We need to understand– really understand the precarious position we are in.

The White world makes up a global minority and is suffering from a demographic Winter that does not seem to have an end. All the while, the Volkswanderung of people’s from the Global South, looking to escape from their own overpopulated and fragmenting societies to the comfortable welfare states of the First World is not going to end any time soon. In fact, it will only intensify as the decades grind on.

As it stands, the only future we and our near descendants have to look forward too is an overpopulated resource-strapped planet enveloped by the violence caused by the failed Multicultural Experiment of our short-sighted predecessors. However, the break down of the old world opens up the possibilities for a new one. Things cannot continue as they are. A society that favors foreign aliens over its own people, that turns it’s boys and young men into pariahs and outcasts; continuously demonizes them for their supposed ‘privilege,’ drives them to drug addiction, pornography, whoring and suicide has no future.

“There aren’t many of us and nobody loves us,” this should be the personal motto we should adopt going forward. If you are like me, and I have reason to believe that you are, you’re most likely a child of the nineties who grew up with all the golden promises our Baby Boom parents told us. We were told if we worked hard enough and followed our dreams, well, the sky was the limit. The reality of it all was very different, and it assuredly left a very cold and very bitter taste in all our mouths. What we learned growing up about race or girls or the underlying truths about human society was a very tepid and lukewarm lecture from our parents, teachers and television programs about how all people are essentially ‘equal’ (i.e. all human beings are essentially the same) that girls wanted nice boys who were polite and caring and who listened to their thoughts and concerns. About human society we were told that the system, although imperfect, certainly worked to provide the “greatest good for the greatest number” and that justice was blind and that anyone could be anything no matter how stupid or unqualified if they “just put their minds to it.”

In retrospect, we can’t really blame our parent’s for essentially neutering an entire generation at birth anymore than any other generation privileged enough to benefit from a star economy and a (essentially) homogenous society. For all the stupidity, silliness and downright greed of the previous generation, we are in no more in a position to criticize them for being naïve, selfish and dumb neoliberals than they can blame us for being reactionary, anti-egalitarian race realists. Both generations are the tragic products of their own times.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that we Millennials are the products of helicopter parenting and single mother households, wet nursed by cartoons and Disney movies and were made to believe about a great number of presuppositions that were fundamentally untrue. We believed in studying hard, in doing the right thing, in keeping along the straight and narrow; we believed in these ideas perhaps even more so than are parents. The problem was after all of our hard work, in graduating from university or finding a good job, we were made out to be outcasts in our own societies.

If everything were right, if we had the kind of society which we desired, every Western man would have a woman by his side, work to take pride in, children to carry on his name and rooted in a community with a real, deep, historic identity transcending individual existence. Unfortunately, we are talking only about what should be the case, not what is. You and I both know that something is deeply wrong about the current state of affairs in the West so I will not bother going into it further. But dealing with ‘should’s’ is dangerous. It is dangerous because we become attached to the fantasy of how the West should be and not responsive to how it actually is, or more to the point, how it could be.

We must ultimately come to terms that that the kind of life, the kind of world in which we desire is either not possible or requires great sacrifice to attain. Nothing worth having has ever come easy. We must recognize that the world in which we live hates us: it hates our families, hates our children, our heritage, our heroes, our culture, faith and national symbols. Reader, it hates us simply for existing at all.

Every day, we are told ad nauseam that we are essentially products of royalty (whatever our actual circumstances) and that we must, to atone for the sins of our forebears, hand over our inheritance to the foreigners of every southern shore as an act of repentance. The problem with this, as I’m sure you’ll know, is that what our accusers call “privilege” is what we the sane know as birthright. A birthright can be sold, or traded for a bowl of porridge, but to do so is to blaspheme against the memory of every soul from time immemorial who through the ages passed on to you the greatest birthright of all: life.

I know the journey has been harrowing, I know that there are times where things seem so utterly hopeless that it might seem a good idea to take one’s exit off the stage prematurely. I know you work a thankless job or perhaps have no job at all; have felt at times so unbelievably lonely that the involuntary solitude has been maddening. I know that you see and hear horrible things and have to deal with the most disgusting excuses of human refuse that it is easy to lose one’s faith in human beings altogether. But, as I must stress again, the life we have inherited from our ancestors is the most important birthright we have been given.

Because we have life, we have possibilities. There are no possibilities after death.

“Life on earth is a soldier’s service,” and that is exactly how we should conceive of the situation we have found ourselves in. We are Spengler’s Roman soldier; while all the world is crashing down at our feet and people have lost their heads in the bedlam, we must stand at our post till the bitter end. There is no other way. Anything else is desertion from the task that we have been given by countless generations past. We know who the destroyers of this world are, but the world that they despoil is not the world we have built within ourselves. That world can never be destroyed, by no one, except by us.

We need to understand that this is it, there is no going back, no running away. Life is a last stand and the cavalry isn’t coming around the hill to save us. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope of rescue or thought of surrender. We did not choose the circumstances of which we were blindingly thrust into nor the lives which we were given. We had no say in either the time nor the place in which we were born or about our economic condition or social status. We know death is coming, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Every hour is another grain of sand lost in the hourglass of our lives.

We can, however, take solace in one cold comfort: that even with the past behind us and oblivion steadily advancing ever closer, we know that we have been given the absolute freedom over how to respond to the circumstances which we have been dealt. The Black pill, after all, is a negative form of nihilism. Our task going forward must be to go beyond the self-destructiveness of the Black pill and work to create meaning within our lives. Principles like honor, truth, virtue, justice, the rule of Law, Tradition and hierarchy mean nothing to the mind obsessed with it’s own inferiority. The best response to any form of negation is action. Conscious action has the ability to shape worlds, it the act of willing oneself onto others, into the world, into history. There is no grand teleology leading up to utopia or dystopia, no great cosmic wheel to bring us out of the darkness of our fallen age. Time, matter, history is causal, it is the interaction of processes upon processes. What we do today effects what will happen centuries hence. Nothing will change unless we will it; we cannot hope for anything more.

We cannot be so shallow as to wrap up our pessimism in the dark shawl of apathy. Those who have taken the Black pill– who have given up on everything, who have bowed their heads in submission to their own personal inferiority are right when they say that they have nothing to lose. Likewise, they have nothing to gain. But as I have said and will conclude by saying that the following words were not intended for the already lost. They are as shades: spiritually dead and cannot be saved. What concerns us is what we the living must do in the course of the coming centuries.

Man as a rule is far to arrogant to think of the world outside himself. Everything our predecessors have done has been to create the world that they wanted in their own image to the furthest extent that they were, for better or worse, able too. It is up to us to remake the coming future in the image of our own desires. This will take time; decades if not centuries. We do not have any other options. We are walking a tight rope– to our right is suicide, to our left is our people’s extinction and beneath us the same pit which leads to death. Above all else we must keep in mind that old Roman maxim: the Fates guide those who will; those who don’t, they drag.