The Future of the Right in a World after Trump

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump

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[Editor's Note: This article was originally published at The Warden Post on November 7, 2020].

If future historians could look back to the past and single out the exact moment when the United States entered a state of terminal decline, they would be hard pressed to find a single event as foreboding and disastrous as the 2020 presidential election which, without a shadow of a doubt, has once and for all revealed the sham that is American democracy.

Donald Trump went into election day strong, sweeping the swing States of Florida and Ohio, and quickly putting to bed the fear of a “Blue Texas.” Initially, Trump seemed to be making gains in the Rustbelt which he managed to flip from decades of Democratic domination back in 2016 but, by the eleventh hour, it seemed as though there was something rotten in the State of Wisconsin.

Just as it seemed like Trump would emerge the victor in Wisconsin, news broke that an influx of previously uncounted for ballots, suspiciously enough to put Biden in the lead, had been found from the surrounding counties. Following in Wisconsin’s wake, the State of Michigan, which had also been heavily leaning for Trump, suddenly and out of nowhere, was declared for Joe Biden.

It needn’t be said that what happened in Wisconsin and Michigan was anything other than a clear example of voter fraud. Even a cursory look at the supposed uncounted for ballots reveal that many of them were cast from individuals who have been dead for decades. What this means however is the Democratic party has clearly learned from the mistakes it made in 2016 and, not willing to let go of an inch of the power they’ve accumulated over the last eight years, are willing to ham fist their way to victory by stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent votes.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have openly stated that neither one of them intends to concede defeat if the other should win and, with both candidates unwilling to back down, it is almost certain that this election will be decided by the Supreme Court. As of the time when this article was published, the States of Nevada and North Carolina and are still in play and could be called for either candidate with Pennsylvania, and most bewilderingly Georgia, being called for Joe Biden.

What Trump should do is not back down a single inch in this race. The Democrats spent the entirety of his presidency thwarting every single policy he attempted to implement and, for a candidate who back in 2016 campaigned on “draining the swamp” of Washington D.C., unmasking this clear obstruction of representative democracy would only add to his persona as a strongman for the working class who can get things done by the sheer force of his will. Indeed, it might be Trump’s charisma alone which carries him to victory in the increasingly likely event that Joe Biden secures the necessary number of electors needed to win the presidency.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, one wonders what will fundamentally change if Trump does manage to overcome all possible odds and squeeze out a narrow victory in the face of overwhelming voter fraud. In many ways it might perhaps be better if Trump loses the election and walks away from the White House with his dignity intact. A victory for either candidate would mean they would come to power during a global pandemic, inherit an increasingly deteriorating economy, and would be seen by one half of the country as an illegitimate leader. In many ways, Trump has been an eschaton preventing the inevitable triumph of the neoliberal global order and has given us time precious time to prepare for when the United States becomes a de facto one-party state. But we need to ask, what exactly has Trump done for us?

President Trump generously shelled out a “Platinum Plan” for African Americans and an “American Dream” plan for Hispanics but offered only empty rhetoric and the occasional dog whistle to an increasingly marginalized White working class that put him into office in the first place. Indeed, while support for President Trump has increased, albeit slightly, with Black and Hispanic voters, his support with White working-class voters has effectively decreased. Four years later, there is still no Wall, the Clintons continue to operate with impunity and American manufacturing is increasingly becoming streamlined or outsourced to foreign labor. It seems like Trump’s utmost achievement is not so much his policies, which have been less than forthcoming, lets be honest, so much as reviving national populism in the American consciousness. Truthfully, perhaps Trump’s greatest legacy is “Trumpism” which will without a doubt have a lasting influence in American politics for the foreseeable future, long after the man himself has left the White House.

What members of the Right need to have on the forefront of their minds is what exactly a post-Trumpian future might look like? We all know that the endgame for this country was coming, the question was whether Trump manages to finish out a second term or whether a Democratic upset managed to unseat him from office which would lead to the Democrats forcing as many polices through Congress as possible in order to cement their monopoly on political power. The upside, though, is that Trumpism is here to stay and a return to a kind of 2008 status quo by Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, eager for a return to the bad old days when neoconservatism waxed ascendant, no longer has a future. The cat is out of the box.

For now, at least, a total neoliberal victory is still far from certain. The Blue Wave that the Democrats were hoping for was shown to be nothing more than inflated bombast and, for the time being, the Republican party still manages to have a hold on the Senate. Although, all of this counts for very little as anyone with a brain knows that the Republican party, as I’ve said time and time again, merely acts as the fall guy for the neoliberal establishment which manifests its political will though the Democratic party.

Sooner or later there will come a point where, either through political corruption, demographics or a combination of both, the Republicans will never win another Federal election again for as long as the United States continues to exist as a political unit. The fact of the matter is, for all his pomp and grandiloquence, Donald Trump, or any other political candidate for that matter, could never truly “make America great again.” This isn’t a subject I’m not familiar with as I’ve had the great displeasure of covering the decline of the historic American nation in previous articles for this website in the past. In fact, one could say that I’m something of an amateur documentarian on the ongoing downfall of Western civilization on this continent.

Back in November of 2016, I had initially planned to write an article entitled “The Age of Trump,” intending to sing the praises of the glorious future that awaited us as our God Emperor heralded in a new age of American nationalism and, in true Caesarian fashion, took the reigns of power and forcefully reversed the trends of Leftist subversion which only seemed to intensify from 2012 onward. Obviously, I was too optimistic in my assessment of Trump, drunk as I was on the sweet nectar of dank memes and fashwave which had perforated all corners of Right-wing internet culture.

It was only with the second airstrike on Syria that my hopes for real change, for a real victory for the Right in the ongoing and seemingly fruitless culture war, that my feelings for Trump soured. Although, I think I truly noticed that something was indeed amiss when Trump made the disastrous decision to replace Chris Christie with Jared Kushner as one of his senior most advisors. Unless you believe that Trump was a shill from the very beginning, which, in my opinion I truly doubt, this was truly the moment that things began to go downhill.

I think it must have been either 2017 or 2018, certainly after the implosion of the AltRight in the wake of Charlottesville, that I decided to revise the tone of my article, intending to change the working title to “Why Trump Matters.” I was far more cautious, pessimistic even, but still of the mind that Trump was certainly better than anything else the Right could muster given that the momentum that we had accumulated in 2016 had been derailed; first, by the more radical elements within the AltRight which would settle for nothing less than vulgar National Socialism and secondly, by the pundits and shock jocks who usurped the precious victories gained by our movement to promote a watered down civic nationalism, or worse, misdirect the energies of the Right towards a kind of revamped neoconservatism.

What the future of the Right might look like in a world where neoliberalism and the perfidious influence of Capital go uncontested is certainly worrisome. During the writing of this article, Bitchute, a haven for content creators seeking to flee the censoriousness of YouTube, was deplatformed. I imagine in the likely event of a Biden victory we can expect an even harsher wave of censorship to sweep across the internet like a deluge. Fears of “The Great Shuttering” have always haunted the dreams of Rightists and free thinkers alike, but now it seems like Big Tech is ramping up for another assault on what little redoubts the Right still has online.

Building our own platforms isn’t enough. At this point, we would need to build our own alternative to the internet to escape the all-pervasive tyranny of the Tech oligarchy. Going forward, the Right is going to need to challenge any form of censorship, no matter how fruitless such an attempt may be, because anything less than that is an admission of defeat; it is a retreat away from the public space created by social media. Sure, perhaps we’ll always have our own platforms where we can shout into an echo chamber, but these platforms should serve as launching pads that allow us both to leapfrog into mainstream social media sites as well as allow us to fall back once the hammer is eventually brought down on us.

But confronting the looming spectre of complete and total censorship is just one battle in a much, much longer campaign. Our victory will not be complete until we have carved out spaces for ourselves where the existence of our people is secured and the preservation of Western civilization on this continent is no longer a matter of negotiation. Eventually, we will have to start on the long and difficult task of normalizing secession in hearts and minds of John Q. Normie.

America, or rather, the Federal Empire that usurped it, is a decaying husk that has no choice but to continue to ossify in order to prevent the healthier branches from being grafted onto living trunks. In truth, there are many Americas, each shaped by the history, peoples, cultures and traditions which have taken root in their native and respective landscapes. The task ahead is freeing these subjugated nations from the yoke of Federal oppression. For now, though, such a task remains elusive, and it is extremely doubtful if a movement towards secession such as the kind that freed the Southland from Yankeedom would even be remotely successful. What is within the realm of possibility, however, is the prospect of State secessionism which could lead to the creation of entirely new States within the Federal Empire.

Already the idea of merging northern California with parts of southern Oregon to form a “State of Jefferson” has been circulating since the 1940s. As of 2020, a movement to join the heavily conservative leaning regions of western Oregon and northern California to create a “Greater Idaho” has been gaining traction. Attempts to partition Upstate New York from Long Island have long been a subject of discussion and truthfully, the people of Upstate New York would be far better off left to their own affairs than to continue having their destinies determined by the rootless, cosmopolitan masses of Manhattan.

Going forward, we need to be absolutely sober minded about the precarious situation we are in. I cannot emphasize enough that if Joe Biden, or rather the neoliberal establishment using him to remove Trump from office, gets their way, this will be the final death knell for the historic American nation. Although we all knew the end would come eventually, I had personally hoped that the Democrats would show the same level of incompetence that they had shown during 2016. Clearly, I misunderstood the nature of the beast we are dealing with.

We need to abandon any hope of ever seeing a Republican in the White House for remainder of our lifetimes. Already members of the Radical Left in Congress are calling for a “de-Trumpization” of the American political system. The Democratic party, and more to the point, the neoliberal oligarchs backing it, are going to use a Biden presidency to force their will onto the rest of historic America. However, this doesn’t mean that we should give up hope on electoral politics or political activism en toto. Far from it. While the road to White House may be lost to us, this doesn’t mean the we can’t still exert our influence over local and gubernatorial races. This, I believe, is where our new area of focus should be. Establishing a new kind of regionalism, especially one that allows us to network with other operative units within the Right, should be our main area of concern. Escaping the despotism of the Federal Empire is paramount to our survival and the creation of new centers of political power away from the corruption of Washington, I think, is still a possibility which remains open to us.

Whether this takes the form of ethnonationalism, a “Red State” secessionism which sees a union of the Great Plains with the Southland splitting away from the Left Coasts, or a ethno-regionalism which sees each of the myriad of miniature nations within the Empire liberated from Federal oppression and free to pursue their own autonomy is yet to be determined. Perhaps the way forward is a combination of all three. Whatever course the Right as whole chooses to pursue, it might make for some interesting scenarios, and perhaps even more interesting alliances.

I am of the position—and I say this through grated teeth—that cooperation with the anti-liberal, Metamodern elements of the Left might be of some benefit to us. The fact remains that our mutual enemy, indeed the enemy of all peoples everywhere, is the inescapable reign of global Capital and international finance which manifests itself through neoliberalism. If we are unable to subordinate the economy and the destructive hand of the market to the political will, everything we do will be in vain. It is for this reason, I believe, that an alliance with the Metamodern Left, and not the Libertarian Right, will be beneficial to all of us a whole.

The problem with the libertarian elements of the Right, whether they be minarchist, anarcho-capitalist, Propertarian or otherwise, is that they constantly squander the gains that the Dissident Right makes as a united front. These reprobates will constantly drone on and on about the Federal Reserve, corporate tyranny and tech censorship without realizing that they in fact are the enablers of this kind of tyranny in the first place. Government, they say, is the problem, because it acts as the strong arm for Big Business and “crony capitalism” without ever realizing that it is only because the State has become so weak that it is unable to deal with the subversive influence of corporate oligarchy in the first place.

The solution to problem of capitalism is not more capitalism. Capitalism qua capitalism solves nothing. This is because Capital itself is precisely the problem. As long as you have the concentration of massive amounts of wealth into the hands of a few private hands, you will wind up with exactly the same problem that we are confronting now. Libertarians, in their infinite ignorance, fail to realize that it is only the prospect of a strong authoritarian State, governed by an elite secure in its own political consciousness, that can subordinate the malevolent aspects of the economy to the political will. It is for this reason that I advocate that the Dissident Right must effectively purge itself of any remaining libertarian elements within its body. We on the Right must embrace a Third Positionist outlook to the economy. We cannot afford to do otherwise—ethical socialism over capitalism, the syndicate over the corporation, the strong arm of the State over the subversive hand of the market: these are the positions we must adopt going forward. Anything else leads as back under the yoke of neoliberal globalists, Chosenites and financiers.

What we are seeing in America is the beginning of a long process which ends in political disintegration of the United States as we know it. That, or it means we become another Left-wing dictatorship like the kind seen in Latin American countries which eventually spells the death of Western culture in North America. I choose to remain the optimist, albeit a cautious one, as I personally refuse to give into the spirit of defeatism and Black pilling which has overtaken so many people on the Right. We must believe that final victory is still possible, even if we ourselves do not live to see it.

We all knew that there would come a day when Donald Trump would leave office. And we all knew that once he did, it would mark the beginning of a long and difficult road that either leads to the Right adapting to the new forms of adversity and persecution that it will undoubtedly face, or crumble under successive waves of pressure from the unholy alliance of the Tech monopolies, Capital and ideological radicals within the halls of power. That time is now upon us, and prepared or not, we must venture down that road not of our own choosing. Not because we wish to do so, but because the only way left to us is forward.