The Year that Perished

The Year that Perished

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[This article was originally published on July 13, 2020, at The Warden Post].

2020 has not been a kind year to the United States of America. At the beginning of the year, this country was struck by a pandemic that no-one except for the most foresighted of clairvoyants could have foresaw, as well as the resulting quarantine which has put millions out of work and left this nation’s economy, already recovering from a recession, on very tenuous ground. Then, as if that were not enough, on March 25, Minneapolis resident and “unarmed Black man” George Floyd was killed by asphyxiation after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt down on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes after being arrested by both Chauvin and fellow Minneapolis police officers J. Alexander Keung, Thomas K. Lane and Tou Thao for being suspected of using a counterfeit bill to purchase a pack of cigarettes after two grocery store employees had initially confronted Floyd over the suspected counterfeit purchase.

Floyd’s death sparked a wave of racially motivated riots the likes of which the country hadn’t seen in over a decade since the 1992 Los Angeles riots when four LAPD officers beaten Rodney King, another archetypical “unarmed Black man,” after he had been pulled over for driving under the influence. Parallels can also be drawn between the 2014 Ferguson riots that were kicked off after aspiring SoundCloud rapper Michael Brown was shot to death by White police officer Darren Wilson after Brown had attempted to seize Wilson’s firearm after having been detained in the back of a squad car.

While the Minneapolis riots only come second to the events which took place in Los Angeles in terms of sheer destructiveness, what separates the sweeping tide of violence in the aftermath of Floyd’s death is that the protests were not localized to the city in which the event took place. Days after the Floyd’s death, riots spread across the country to almost every major American city, especially those with high Black populations. In New York alone there were observed 21 consecutive days of protests and riots. On June 8 in the city of Seattle, a Leftist mob managed to storm the East Precinct headquarters of the Seattle police department and law enforcement agents were forced to abandon the building. What followed in the wake of this event was the establishment of an anarcho-communist commune called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” christened after the residential district from which it took its name.

For eight days, an anarchist commune was allowed to exist undisturbed within the sovereign territory of the United States with both the blessing of the mayor of Seattle and the Governor of the State of Washington before eventually being dismantled on July 1.

What would the reaction have been if Right-wing protesters had occupied a police precinct, let alone six city blocks? We all know what would happen. The National Guard would have been called in and every single person involved in the occupation would have been turned into mulch. The whole affair would have made Waco look like a tea party.

I had initially wanted to write this piece during the first days after Floyd’s death had set off the riots. I wanted to, but so much has happened since then. Right now, we are seeing the spread of a new iconoclasm directed not only at monuments dedicated to Confederate heroes and war dead, but to every figure and symbol associated with the historic American nation.

Statues of US presidents George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant were torn down in Seattle during the “birth pangs” of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Statues to Spanish missionary and Catholic apostle to the Chumash people Junipero Serra were vandalized and desecrated in the Mission Hills district of Los Angeles, a statue dedicated to the Texas Rangers was removed by the city of Dallas from one of its airports, another statue of Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo was removed because of the former mayor’s hardline stance on crime as well as his refusal to construct public housing units in majority White neighborhoods. On May 30, the Lincoln memorial was vandalized with the words “Yall not tired yet?” spray painted beside the steps of the monument. As of July 21, the American Museum of Natural History has openly stated that they intend to remove the famous equestrian statue of president Theodore Roosevelt from outside the museum’s main entrance.

What the hell do any of these men have to do with the Confederacy? Grant himself was a Union general who led successful victories over the Confederates and Lincoln was Commander-in-Chief during the Civil War. Washington and Roosevelt were both US presidents, and although Washington owned slaves, he did release them at the time of his death. The obvious answer is that what we’re seeing now is a cultural revolution directed at erasing the European heritage of this country.

Let me be absolutely clear, the iconoclasts currently tearing monuments and memorials to our nation’s heroes and great men will soon be coming for the people that built them. Put simply, once they have torn down every statue, they will be coming for Americans of European descent.

We already have plenty of historical precedents for these kinds of genocides directed against European descended peoples on the part of Africans. Take for example the 1804 Haiti massacre that virtually annihilated what little remained of the French colonists in Hispaniola, how the Zimbabweans disenfranchised ethnic Rhodesians after Robert Mugabe and his brigands seized control of the country or, most famously, the ongoing massacres perpetrated against the Boer people at the hands of South Africans.

Eventually things will get to a point where European Americans will gradually be disarmed so they can no longer resist the hordes coming for their lives and property. Take for example how on June 28, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a well-to-do couple in an affluent suburb of St. Louis, had their evening dinner in their backyard interrupted by a throng of over 300 protesters who had broken down their gate and stormed onto their property.

The original object of the protesters rage was St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson, who I guess had said some disparaging things about Black Lives Matter or something. However, from what I’ve read, the actual layout of the ritzy neighborhood that both Krewson and the McClowskeys call home is a winding labyrinth of different gates and roads (all privately owned I might add) and so the crowd of protesters, it can be assumed, mistook the McClowskey’s home for that of Krewson’s.

Missouri is a State that has adopted the Castle Doctrine, better known as “stand your ground” laws that allow a private owner to defend their property and to make use of lethal force if an invader is threatening their lives. The mob was vocally calling for the blood of both Mr. and Mrs. McClowskey, (as well as their dog for some reason) and it stands to reason that the couple were well within their rights to exercise lethal force against the mob should things have actually turned ugly.

However, as of July 10, law enforcement agents with the St. Louis police department served a warrant on the couple and seized the semi-automatic rifle that Mark McClowskey had brandished against the protesters that had made the two both a media and internet sensation.

This is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment as well as the Castle Doctrine adopted by Missouri. Of course, does the Constitution even matter anymore? What are rights anyway if they just vanish in a puff of smoke at the whims of every single activist judge who can interpret the law however they wish? The Democratic Circuit Attorney for the State of Missouri, Kimberley Gardner, seems to have it out for the McClowskeys. It might have something to do with the fact that Gardner is herself a Black woman and inwardly seethes at the site of an old white couple brandishing their legally acquired firearms at a band of Leftist thugs.

Gardner has promised to “use the full force of Missouri law to hold people accountable,” referring of course to the McClowskeys. Gardner also went on to describe the couples lawful defense of their property as a “violent assault.”

The situation could not be any clearer. White people who attempt to defend themselves from violent thugs and criminals will meet the full force of the law if they do not desist and allow themselves and their property to be looted, vandalized and their lives offered up as a sacrifice of atonement to placate the capricious gods of the Church of Woke. As time goes on, expect to see more of what we saw in St. Louis happen in other parts of the country.

Leftists have already made it abundantly clear that they want to flood the suburbs with the human refuse produced by America’s decaying inner cities. This will inevitably only serve to exacerbate America’s already deteriorating race relations, such as they still exist, between both Blacks and Whites and other racial groups as well.

The question remains, what is to be done in the face of a situation where the prospects for Western civilization on this continent grow ever dimmer? This is a question that I myself struggle to find an answer to. However, I happened to stumble upon an article by Counter Currents writer Jef Costello where he lays out very articulate responses that we as White people can undertake in the face of a crisis that is ever worsening. Costello suggests that,

We need to stop making concessions to the mob by virtue-signaling about George Floyd. This guy was a career criminal who spent five years in prison for an armed robbery during which he pointed a pistol at a pregnant black woman’s abdomen. When he died, he was being arrested for passing counterfeit bills. At the time, he had methamphetamine, fentanyl, and THC in his system. Oh, and as an added bonus, he had tested positive for COVID-19, but apparently didn’t think it was a problem being out and around other people. Did Officer Chauvin intend to kill him? Obviously not. So why did he ignore Floyd’s cries of “I can’t breathe,” which began when Floyd was standing up? Probably because he had spent years on the force listening to the bullshit constantly talked by black criminals. Bullshit like telling officers he was “claustrophobic” when they wanted to put him in the back of their squad car. Why did Chauvin keep his knee on Floyd’s neck for so long? Probably because he had spent years on the force watching black criminals resist arrest, and pop back up again after being subdued, Rodney King style. No one is going to say that Floyd deserved to die. But nobody intended to kill him, and he brought it all on himself. The guy was scum.

I’ve been saying for years that we should never give Leftists even an inch of perceived moral authority. These people thrive on mistakenly believing that they are in possession of some kind of magical moral high ground in which they, and only they, have access to. And we, the unenlightened, must continue to make concessions to their version of reality, their interpretation of events. Leftists continue to make gains precisely because they control the narrative, and because they control the narrative, they control what gets peddled to the public as gospel. Make no mistake, in a war for control of the narrative, truth is always the first victim. This is because it never mattered in the first place. Que es veritas? That which gets the stamp of approval from those who are in control. Truth doesn’t matter, only the narrative matters. Whoever controls the narrative controls what gets perceived as truth.

Costello goes on to say that,

We need to start talking about black on white crime. For more than a week, Tucker Carlson has been engaged in a display of “esoteric writing” (or scripting) that would impress Leo Strauss. Without actually talking about whites and blacks he has been talking about them, in code. He speaks of “the Americans who build things” versus “those who burn/tear them down.” Whoever could he be talking about? A few nights ago he directly addressed the issue of whether white police officers are victimizing blacks. In 2019, Tucker pointed out, there were only ten cases in which a white police officer shot an unarmed black man. Astonishingly, Tucker then went through the details of each case. The takeaway was that there was only one instance in which a black man hadn’t been resisting arrest, behaving in a threatening manner, trying to run police over in his car, and so on. […] Yet BLM, and its craven allies on both sides of the aisle, assert that blacks are victimized by whites. Even that there is “genocide” going on against blacks. This is the Big Lie, folks. It is whites who are suffering at the hands of blacks — in large numbers. But we are terrified to say anything about it, even as our friends and family members are assaulted and raped and killed by black criminals. And they add insult to injury by inverting the facts, and labeling us as “racists.” This is an obscenity we have endured long enough. The mob is right: we must speak the truth about racial injustice in America. But the truth is that whites are the real victims.

This is astonishing when you think about it, but as of late, nothing really leaves me surprised anymore. I would add that while it is vital to speak out against the crimes that Blacks perpetrate against Whites, we shouldn’t do so from a position of victimhood.

Victimhood is the arena of the Left. We, on the other hand, are essentially being shackled by an interweaving web of chains imposed on us through a network of media groups, lobbying firms, racial caucuses, NGOs and their various toadies in the halls of government and big business who carry out their will. No, we aren’t victims, but we’d be fools to say that the cards aren’t stacked against us. Still, as we move forward, we will have to act much more brazenly in terms of our speech and yes, this will most likely result in many of us being ousted from our jobs and condemned as “racists” by the powers that be.

That is a risk we have no choice other than to take and a blow that we will just have to suffer. Think about it: what will be the outcome if we continue to do nothing? It will mean the complete extinction of Occidental civilization on North America and the utter annihilation of our people. It is far better to suffer in our pocketbooks and have our respectability in polite society fall as a consequence for having actually spoke out against the injustices visited upon our people by hostile tribes, and a political and legal system that hates us, than to have done nothing and watch our wives, sisters and daughters violated in front of our very eyes before they take the knife to our throats as well.

I hate to sound so apocalyptic. My business isn’t in fear mongering and I typically detest those that do; as needlessly Black-pilling an already emotionally exhausted Right is something I personally wish to avoid. Regardless, this is the future that awaits us if we do nothing. We’ve already seen what happens when these groups finally seize the reins of power and it ends the same way every single time. We need to stop fooling ourselves that somehow, this time, it’ll be different. I would add to Mr. Costello’s points that in addition to openly talking about the realities of Black on White crime and racial realism, we need to start talking openly about the idea of secession.

Many on Right currently lament that America is quickly on its way to becoming Brazil due to its rapidly changing demography as well as the dilution of the European gene pool through interracial marriage. However, even in 2020 mixed race people make up far too small a minority to realistically put that large of a dent into bloodline of American Europeandom. Additionally, there’s always the chance that even a “mostly White” individual with perhaps a quarter of non-White ancestry could have his descendants “reabsorbed” back into the gene pool by having children with a White partner, effectively “blanching” his progeny—hardline views on the “one-drop” rule notwithstanding.

The fact of the matter is though turning into Brazil would honestly be a far better scenario than what awaits us, as even in Brazil European descended peoples make up a social majority occupying high positions in both political and cultural life. No, America is on its way into becoming South Africa and Zimbabwe. The looters and the rioters, the anarchist mobs and the iconoclasts, they all want us dead. These people want us gone, they want our great works overthrown and our institutions abolished. Moreover, they want every last European on the North American continent exterminated. Look, I’m not such an utter wignat to suggest that every African American or every person of color is some foaming at the mouth racist itching for a chance to finally get back at Whitey. I’m sure most non-Whites in this country earnestly believe that groups such as Black Lives Matter or the Anti-Defamation League are seriously helping to advance the cause of racial “social justice” and eliminate structural barriers (either real or imagined) that keep these people of color from advancing in life.

Now, you and I know that all this nonsense about “structural barriers” is utter hogwash, but try talking to your actual leftie-liberal neighbors, and especially those from non-White backgrounds, and you’ll find that their politics, while undoubtedly “progressive,” are probably not very radical compared to those individuals who are at the helm of the previously aforementioned organizations.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that the country is pulling itself apart in approximately eight different ways; which returns me to the topic of why would should take both the idea of secession, as well as the idea of talking about secession with the utmost seriousness. And look, I am under no illusions that through secession we’ll suddenly create an ethnostate in the Northwest or somewhere and, after a period of conflict, the Federal government, now run by non-White Leftists, will magically decide to leave us alone and we’ll go home happy with our Aryan princesses back to our respective wheat fields. Such an idea is an absolute joke.

Rather, the more likely possibility is this: that there will be a hard, sudden and intensely brutal persecution of White people the moment the Democratic Party feels secure enough in its own power to go after whatever remnants remain of Normie America once they can count on demographics alone to carry them away to victory in the mock elections that they’ll still allow for the sake of paying lip service to American republicanism. This will continuously put pressure on whoever is left in suburbia, but eventually the programs that the Democrats rely on to keep their base satisfied and placated will run dry once the producing class of the American economy has shriveled up through heavy taxation and persecution.

I suspect when America finally starts to go the way of Zimbabwe, that is when we’ll begin to see cracks start to emerge in the system. While the Republican Party might never win another presidential bid again due to demographics, and as a consequence fade completely into irrelevance, this isn’t to say that nationalist candidates running at the municipal, county or gubernatorial level wont win electoral victories on the platform of actually doing something about the present crisis, which unfortunately, by that time it will have already been too late. However, if European descended people still constitute an ethnic majority in those areas where they can exercise political control, then the possibility of secession will seem all the more likely as well as increasingly desirable.

The greatest X-factor is whether we’ll see a split in the military. Since Whites make up an overwhelming majority of United States Armed Forces, it is entirely possible that many factions within the military might end of going turncoat and no longer feel allegiance in serving a government which completely despises their existence and treats them like common mercenaries. However, looking into my crystal ball, I can say that on this specific prospect the future is very clouded, and may just possibly be wishful thinking on my part.

If we are to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children, then we need to start acting now. This doesn’t mean we should riot or take up arms or actively engage in open rebellion, at least not until the pretext of equal justice under the law has been done away with. Writing about the possibility of civil war is not something I enjoy doing, and honestly, I think those who actively promote the idea that civil war is the only way to solve our current predicament are either grifters or they are on the payroll of some alphabet organization with the intent to radicalize trigger happy wignats. Regardless, the fact that civil war is a possibility, and an ever looming one at that, is something that I as writer, as an American citizen and as a lover of the truth feel obligated to bring to the attention of the general public. When my parents were my age, they had inherited a (more or less) racially homogeneous nation with a booming economy, had secure jobs, a house of their own and were happily raising their first child together. I, as well as many other men my age, enjoy none of these things. What our parents received should have been the inheritance owed to us as our birthright as Americans, a birthright that they themselves inherited from our grandparents.

Instead, should we ever live to be our parents’ age, the United States will almost certainly no longer exist, at least not in the form that we know it. By then it will have possibly fractured into a plethora of many disparate ethnostates and successor-states that will constantly be at war with one another in a catastrophic struggle for preeminence over this continent. The wars will be intense, bloody and protracted, as racial nationalism will almost certainly have replaced whatever role religion once played in the personal lives of the former American people, the various churches and religious organizations either having faded away due to the intensity of the conflict or have been relegated to an inferior position, consigned to add a ceremonial gloss to the legitimacy of the ruling powers and a religious justification for the acts of barbarity committed during the conflict.

Or—and this is the most likely of two scenarios—the United States will have turned into something completely different, something entirely unrecognizable and yet altogether familiar to those of our generation who lived to see the breakdown of historic American nation. America will have become a living husk, a zombie-nation whose new ruling class intensely despises the dwindling descendants of the people who founded her and continues to persecute them every chance they get. Our situation will be that of the French colonists in Haiti, of the Rhodesians, of the Afrikaners and, this time, there’ll be nowhere else to run to.

My goal here isn’t to distress or to “Black pill” anyone. I mean, heaven forbid! We already have too many people out there who have already thrown in the towel and expect everyone to join them in their self-deprecating pity-party of hopelessness and defeatism. My goal here is just to remind you, the reader, how high the stakes are, what exactly is at risk, what exactly we have to lose and what we have to gain if, in this moment, we start to act now.

2020 is Year Zero for the subversives and revolutionaries who seek to undermine what’s left of this nation’s democratic institutions before they drop the pretense and raise the Black Fist and Red Star on the grounds of Capitol Hill. A few good men who have the audacity to speak truth to power still stand in their way, however, and it is to each of us that this incredible and seemingly hopeless task falls to. Its always in those situations where it appears that all hope is lost does the opportunity for heroism and great deeds present itself. I myself am choosing to have faith in our eventual victory, the only other option is complete despair. I might not live to see this victory; it could be centuries from now. But I have hope that there will be a future, albeit distant, where the proud sons of a far distant generation, having built upon the victories of their forefathers before them, will have secured an existence for themselves and for their own posterity so that their children will finally be able to walk the hillside of that future in peace, innocent beneath the stars, their gazes lifted upward to the bronze statues and monuments, turned green by passing of years, dedicated to the coming heroes who will have led our people to the victory that we in the present era can only entertain in passing daydreams.